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Sailcraft Service

How Molo helped Sailcraft Service improve business operations Located in Oriental, North Carolina, Sailcraft Service is a full service boatyard, servicing sail and power boats for almost 5 decades. Sailcraft’s boatyard provides repair and maintenance to keep your boat in top working condition including carpenters, riggers, mechanics and painters. We spoke with Jennifer Pawlikowski, Owner, about the daily operations at the boatyard and how Molo has improved their operations since implementation. Problem: Manual Process Before Molo, Jennifer and her husband Mike were met with a great deal of paper and outdated accounting software - if you can call it that. Having recently purchased Sailcraft, the amount of time spent trying to find the right document and run the everyday operations was unmanageable. Jennifer described the situation: “When I got here, they had an old-fashioned time clock. “Someone had to come in and add the hours and it took them two or three hours to do payroll. It was utterly ridiculous and that made for a lot of mistakes. The outdated process was not an option and particularly a concern when it came to mistakes that could be made and the inability to work outside of the office. “I don’t like paper, so I began to spend a great deal of time researching different options to find a software that would accommodate more of a service-oriented business and was for smaller or mid-size companies,” Jennifer said. SOLUTION: FLEXIBLE SERVICE MANAGEMENT After researching many options, Jennifer soon realized that Sailcraft Service needed a solution that was flexible and easy to use enough for the company to maintain on the back end because they want to spend more time helping customers and fixing boats. They explored other marine management software options, but when Jennifer met Rocko and Lucas, Co-Founders of Molo, she was instantly impressed. “I hit it off with Rocko and Lucas and you know we really liked them... they made me feel special from the beginning and in return we have a really good relationship,” Jennifer explained. For Jennifer and her team, other businesses did not meet the service needs of a boatyard. “It seemed to me that building estimates and work orders were more difficult (in other softwares), they were geared towards inventory of sales and having a store and slips. That’s not what our work model is. That is not what we do.” “Boats are strange animals, especially sailboats. There are sailboats that we service that are one of only five in the world. So our inventory is not a set inventory. We have to look for things that are really off the beaten path, making about 90% of the parts that we put in our systems materials that are not stocked,” Jennifer shared. Molo offers the perfect option to stay organized with a mobile technician app to track inventory, billable hours and more. Currently, Molo is Sailcraft Service’s all-in-one solution for POS, billing, payroll and service management. Providing integrations and simplifying their tech stack with these direct integrations had made a difference in their overall operations. Benefits: Build Estimates and Work Orders Molo has benefited Sailcraft Service in many ways. Most importantly, Sailcraft Service’s team is able to build custom estimates and work orders quickly and efficiently, increasing customer service and decreasing turnaround time. Jennifer explained: “We have found that Molo makes it easier for us because no two boats are alike. We need something that is flexible for us to put in what we are using for each one and that was important in our decision for choosing Molo.” Jennifer is aware that there are other solutions on the market, but she and her husband preferred Molo for its friendly and hardworking staff. The implementation was easy to understand and customer support is available to troubleshoot any issue. Jennifer values the relationships she has with the members of the Molo team and knows that this is not always the case with other vendors. “When I have a problem, the Account Managers are all wonderful and all great... They make us feel important and help solve every hiccup that comes to us,” Jennifer said.