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Port of Port Townsend

How Molo provided an all-in-one system for Port of Port Townsend Located in the northeast corner of Washington state’s Olympic Peninsula, Port of Port Townsend serves Jefferson County as one of the maintaining and developing properties and facilities and one of the nation’s best maritime destinations. Port of Port Townsend operates a diverse group of facilities including: three marinas, a boat yard, an international airport, an RV park, multiple boat launch sites across the country and a union wharf and city dock downtown. We spoke with Abigail Berg, Director of Finance and Administration of Port of Port Townsend, about the daily operations and needs and how Molo has stepped in and assisted them. Problem: Multiple Billing Systems With a diverse portfolio of facilities at Port of Port Townsend, the biggest hurdle that Abigail saw a need for was a billing system. “We knew we did not want to have more than one billing system,” stated Laura when they were determining what software to move to. Coming from previously non-cloud based software, Molo is an immediate option as an all-in-one system. Abigail described, “We asked if Molo could cover us on all our facilities which they said they could.” With this being the biggest hurdle with all of the moving parts of Port of Port Townsend, we knew it was a challenge but Molo was the right decision for the municipality. Solution: Flexible Invoicing and Billing Molo provides Port of Port Townsend with support for monthly, quarterly, and even custom installments. Invoicing line items to be configured for per hour, per foot of LOA, per square foot, percent, and more. With these capabilities, Abigail saw the benefit of moving to Molo. Currently, Molo is Port of Port Townsend all-in-one solution for POS, billing and reporting. Providing integrations and simplifying their tech stack with these direct integrations has made a difference in the overall operations and management of Port of Port Townsend. Benefit: Fuel Management & User Friendly Software Molo provides Port of Port Townsend many offerings but a huge benefit to the municipality that came with implementing Molo was the chance to give people reservations in a place similar to a hotel situation. “Having a more modern, updated and user friendly software has made a huge difference,” stated Abigail. Molo also provides the capability to track fueling ability and payment through our software. Port of Port Townsend currently has two fueling stations that are leased out but eventually when the municipality is ready, that is an easy transition into Molo. “We look forward to the opportunity to grow within Molo's software and use more features as we consider the growth of the business.” Abigail explained: “We would like to eventually take of the two fueling stations and find a way to charge more consistently with parking at their facilities.” These capabilities that are available in Molo are the reason why Port of Port Townsend is with Molo through their growth.