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Harbor Cove Marina

How Molo Enhanced Harbour Cove Marina’s Customer Experience Located on Rockhold Creek in Deale, Maryland, Harbour Cove Marina is the main full service Marina to the Washington Metro Area. Marina Manager Peter Mueller runs a tight ship, and he must rely on technology to execute time-consuming tasks. We spoke to Peter about how Molo has significantly helped Harbour Cove Marina streamline business processes and enhance its customer experience. Problem: Overwhelmed by Outdated Technology Before Molo, Harbour Cove Marina was at the mercy of an outdated system. The technology wasn’t robust, and as a result, it took Peter a long time to execute basic tasks, like leases. “We’d have to manually send a lease to a customer through email, and then they’d have to print it out, sign it, scan it, and send it back. It was incredibly cumbersome to deal with,” Peter said. The challenges of the system caused other issues, such as significant delays in receiving payments. With their old system, customers couldn’t make payments online, and often had to call in by phone or mail a check. For Peter, this meant many hours spent contacting customers during 9-5 business hours, which took him away from other crucial activities. Those in the marina industry know that time is valuable, and the old system Peter and the team at Harbour Cove Marina were using ultimately slowed them down. Solution: A System that Streamlines Business Processes When evaluating different vendors, Harbour Cove Marina chose Molo because it eliminated piles of paperwork. Molo’s all-in-one system streamlined many crucial administrative tasks, making it easier for Peter to keep track of different customers. Again, Peter spoke to the importance of managing leases: “With Molo, we can now send leases electronically to customers, and they can e-sign it and send it back to us within seconds. It saves us a lot of time and hassle. Rather than deal with a file drawer and a ton of paperwork, all of our leases are saved in the Molo system.” In addition, the payment process has been simplified. Peter described the difference: “We can easily collect money now because it’s all electronic, and customers can send payments after hours without much effort. This makes the whole payment process more manageable, since I’m not chasing anyone down. All of this is done through Molo.” Benefits: Time Saved for Everyone Like other companies in the marina industry, employees often come and go at Harbour Cove Marina. There are many seasonal employees, and managers like Peter don’t have the time to train every new worker. Fortunately, with an intuitive system like Molo, Peter doesn’t have to worry about training. Molo is easy to use, and new employees are quickly brought up to speed. Peter appreciates Molo’s simplicity. Molo has benefited Harbour Cove Marina in other ways as well. Most importantly, Harbour Cove Marina’s customers have a more seamless experience. Peter explained: “Our customers love that they don’t have to remember to make a payment from 9-5 anymore, that they don’t have to print out a 5-page lease, sign it, and then find a way to scan it and send it back. With Molo, our customers can now provide us with what we need, usually with the click of a button.” Peter is aware that there are other solutions on the market, but he prefers Molo for its friendly, hardworking staff. The implementation was incredibly seamless, and customer support is available to troubleshoot any issue. Peter values the relationships he has with members of the Molo team, and knows that this isn’t always the case with other vendors. “The people at Molo is excellent, and one of the main reasons why we continue to stick with them,” Peter said.