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Exit Marine

How Molo helped Exit Marine improve their everyday operations Located in Seward, Alaska, Exit Marine has been proud to offer a wide range of marine services to the Seward boating community including storage, vessel maintenance and boat watch since 2017. Their goal is to provide their clients quality service with a smile at their three boatyards. We spoke with Laura Schneider, General Manager, about how day-to-day operations at their boatyards have significantly improved since implementing Molo. Problem: Increased Capacity Overnight Laura and her husband had come to Seward to fix a boat and noticed there was a need in the community for more people to do boat work. After purchasing a large boatyard, Exit Marine increased their storage capacity by two overnight. Before Molo, Laura described the situation: “Managing what we already had was super difficult which was basically just excel spreadsheet and QuickBooks invoices that we had to do manually every month.” Solution: All-in-One Management With many options to choose from, Laura knew that Exit Marine needed a solution that provided full business management as well as full-service support. Molo provided all that and more for the business. “Molo really stepped into a gap when we were at a place where we didn’t have any kind of Marina management or storage management software other than our bookkeeping software which was really undeserving of our needs.” “We have a really long storage waiting list, so we know that there’s more people that want to haul their boats out every year and there’s kind of a lack of storage space here in Seward.” Molo was the right choice for Exit Marine, not only for their current situation, but for the future. Laura shared: “We’re really trying to grow the business right now rather than growing in space we’re trying to expand our services and bring on more employees and grow in that way for a little while without taking on more fixed assets.” Benefits: Mobile Technician App & Service Management Molo has benefited Exit Marine in many ways. The most impactful to Exit Marine has been the technician app for tracking, assigning labor categories and estimates. Laura explained: “I like the service technician app, being able to capture everyone’s hours and have the employees be able to put all of their time into the system in a way that makes sense.” Laura’s team has been able to learn the software easily, even those that are not super tech savvy. “Having it helps with the fact that you can assign labor and categorize to each individual employee and then when they put in their time it automatically goes on to an invoice. Simplifying the process and preventing duplications in timesheet software and then just knowing that it’s very easy to create inventory items and services like the process is so simple.